I will work with you to "Do". Not just "Think" and "Talk". I actually roll up my sleeves and get down to action. Here's how:


Coming up with products and services that customers need and want is more than just listening to what they have to say. It's a delicate balance between the right cultural, design and market insights.


Planning where your company is going is crucial for success. But strategy is not just about setting the roadmap, it's actually about following it through and stopping along the way to check for directions.


Growth can come in many ways: organic or inorganic, progressive or aggressive, viral or acquired. But in times where growth is the imperative for any business, it takes an expert to know the wheat from the chaff.

As an Entrepreneur-in-residence and a Growth Partner, 
you get my full experience in Media, Entertainment and Tech.


The increasing digitisation and commoditization of information are amongst the major issues media players are facing today. As consumers change their behaviours, how can we make sure to stay one step ahead?


Increasingly experiential and immersive, entertainment has changed from 'putting on a show' to 'putting you in a show'. The thirst for hyper-personal and unique experiences has never been bigger. And the offer, never more diverse.


This fourth industrial revolution has awashed the world as we know it. Complete industries devastated and consumption habits taken for granted. The opportunities for innovating are almost as big as the perils of not catching up.

My whole career I've built and grew new businesses for some of the biggest companies in the world. Here are a few of them: